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About the FABC Hunter
In the world of Australian radio and television, we are here to defend and promote the ABC, in support of its vital role as Australia’s only independent national publicly owned broadcaster.

We cover the Hunter Valley catchment of NSW from Newcastle in the south to Murrurundi in the north.

The Hunter branch was formed in 1988 following a public rally at Newcastle City Hall. Prior to this anyone living in the Hunter who were supporters of the ABC belonged to the State branch that was formed in 1976. On special occasions Hunter members would attend meetings held in Sydney.

The Hunter branch has a membership of approximately 130 loyal supporters. New members are always welcome. The ABC broadcasts a wide range of programs within the Hunter, with studios located at Newcastle and Muswellbrook.

As members of the community served by the ABC we are more than passive listeners or viewers. The ABC informs us and we inform it; the ABC reflects on what we think and we reflect on what it thinks; the ABC engages with what we do and we engage with what it does—it is a cyclical process within which we all play a part, some passively, as listeners only, others actively as callers to talk programs or contributors to news bulletins and television programs. As the song goes: ‘ “I am, you are, we are (Australian)” the ABC.’

To join or renew branch membership go to the NSW Friends of the ABC website and give permission for the local branch to be sent your contact details. 

FABC Hunter History and Activities
In the early days Friends of the ABC – Hunter, was an informal group of like minded people who were concerned about:

        • the independence of the ABC being eroded by com-mercial interests
        • the level of funding being reduced thus stifling the pro-gram production capabilities of the ABC
        • political appointments to the ABC board of directors
        • keeping the ABC commercial free – that is free of paid advertising.

          Read what they have done since those early days [here] (.PDF 3pps 660KB)
      The Argument for the ABC from a “no ads” Viewpoint (Another response to Judith Sloan)
      By Allan Thomas, Hunter Branch
      There are lots of reasons why Australia needs the ABC and the Charter spells out many of these reasons. To my mind there is another reason. One which many people probably think of, but seldom express. This other reason is that the ABC provides a safe haven for those of us who can’t stand advertisements. Read on [here] (.PDF 1pp 230KB)

      Listening to ABC radio programs in the Hunter
      In the Hunter you can listen to ABC local radio as well as nationally networked radio programs - full details [here] (.PDF 1 pp 325KB)

      First ABC regional radio station
      The first ABC regional station established in Australia was at Newcastle in 1930 - more [here] (.PDF 2pps 600KB)

      Hunter Photo Gallery
      Gallery of ABC personalities and recent guests [here] (.PDF 1pp 325KB)

      Making contact
      President: Allan Thomas
      Secretary: Lisa Thomas
      Phone: 02 4930 7309
      Email: click here

      Postal Address: 
      The Secretary
      Hunter Friends of the ABC
      7 Cantwell Road,
      Lochinvar NSW 2321